New Single released and Launch Parties announced.

May Day - our second single taken from our upcoming 6th studio release is out now - the song celebrates our indie rock influences, from the Pixies-like rolling bass guitar intro through to the rousing, power pop chorus hook. 'May Day' is a song about making plans on your terms – a circle on the calendar and a reverse-engineered exit strategy.

Singer Will reflects – “I was having a tough time, and felt a little trapped, I was an easy target – but I soon realised after chatting to a couple of wise heads, that I had the power to change that – so I did. I picked a date, got my head down and worked towards that change date”.

Musically, the single has a solid dose of rock 'n' roll swagger with a shared influence within the band also giving it a ‘Smithereens-esque’ sound, as Will explains. “Dave (Newman, guitar player) and I had a few beers one night and uncovered a mutual love for The Smithereens – and since then I have been lucky enough to land a few of their albums on vinyl and I think you can certainly hear the influence in this song particularly.”

We can't wait to celebrate the release of 'May Day' and previous single 'Jay' with a run of Queensland live shows beginning at the Stones Corner Festival on April 30th, followed by release parties at the Hound & Stagg Gold Coast on May 6th, Town & Country Fest Regatta May 7th, and Leftys Music Hall on 13th May.

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